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Excellence in Quality

Quality has been at the centre of our attention long before quality standards were ever established.

Total quality management became the goal. In the 1990s, quality and reliability of the automotive industry were expected by our OEM clients.  As they became more sophisticated, better informed and their expectations grew, we had to make sure we kept  abreast of their needs & stayed up to date on industry standards.


Talent Management

Influenced by globalization, compliance became the key focus of quality initiatives and we embarked upon a rigorous process to meet ISO 9000 series, in 1999. We focused on four primary divisions of quality standards:  reliability & durability; safety; environmental & manufacturing standards.  When ISO/TS introduced quality certification we were the first Egyptian company (in the automotive industry) to achieve this international standard certificate – a testament to our quality conviction



We were officially awarded ISO/TS in 2004 & QSB in 2010. To ensure we sustain the legacy from the past with the demands & challenges of the future we take our quality commitment to the maximum level & developed an obsession with quality. Our quality team is headed by our German expert who took on the responsibility of taking the company to new heights in the quality paradigm. The Quality team members attend regular training sessions in Kaizen, 5 S Framework & LEAN SIX Sigma manufacturing, to ensure they keep up to date on industry standards, knowledge & trends.  All new joiners go through intensive quality management training as part of their orientation programme.



   Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten     - Gucci