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Excellence in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

“When there’s no time, we make time"

In recent years we have witnessed a huge shift in the importance of SCM, repositioning it from its traditional, functional status to a proactive strategic factor. Traditionally, a supply chain consists of three types of entities: customers, a producer, and the producer's suppliers.
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We have responded to world class trends in SCM & realigned our strategic objectives; by extending the supply chain to include customers’ customers and suppliers’ suppliers.

SCM is a critical factor in our company success, as analyzing spend for cost savings opportunities, negotiating & selecting quality, reliable sources of supplies will always be crucial to sustaining our success.
According to this redefinition, our SCM system identifies where to locate manufacturing & distribution facilities, how to route goods & materials among those facilities & from which parts of the world to source the inputs.

These functions include inventory management, internal logistics, warehousing, and other functions that are more related to the “input” or “pre-production” side of the supply chain. Our upgraded SCM has united disparate functions that historically reported to a variety of executive positions with different priorities & successfully integrated a consistent streamlined facility. Furthermore, these functions fuel profit & contribute towards our competitive advantage. Our SCM is now at a stage which we can proudly say is ‘second to none’ in the region.