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Excellence in Technology

We have been fortunate to partner with international industry leaders, whose conformance to quality standards drove us to raising the bar, purchasing the most advanced & sophisticated equipment & keeping ahead on new & innovative technological design.

We have enhanced our premises to reflect a unique environment for high quality products by incorporating our technological knowhow, innovative processes & tools.

The manufacturing department is a testament to innovation. Electronic inspection gauges, CNC tube mending machines, & CMM coordinating measure equipment are just some of capital resources we have invested in to guarantee precision engineering.

Talent Management

Our premise, a state of the art facility, is designed to the highest standards, incorporating environmentally adapted equipment & practices along with recognizing industry safety standards. Our international consultants & experts provide an extensive range of training to our teams as well as ensure we keep up to date in the technological trends of the global arena.

Based on the concept that change & flexibility are the hallmarks of success, our manufacturing department offers innovative & constantly evolving technology merged with creativity. Abouelyazeed excellence in technology is a place where all things become possible.


   A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well    - Jeff Bezos